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Program Description
Bridge-Hard Money

From $2,000,000 and Up

Bridge loans and pricing vary by project.  Call to discuss your transaction.

Church Loans

From $500,000 to $5,000,000

Two different portfolio programs.  Call for rates and terms.

Construction Loan

Construction loans are available nationwide.  LTV's up to 80% of cost.  Strong, experienced borrowers only.  


Pricing varies
Conventional Portfolio

Typical institututional underwriting. LTV on multi-family up to 80% in select markets. 70% to 75% in most other markets. up to 75% on commercial properties.  Property types include multi-family, commercial, MHP, Assisted Living. Some hospitality and gas station loans are available.  


Loans from $500,000 and up.


Flagged Hotels and Motels. Must have inside room entry. Terms of 5+5 yrs with 25yr AM

From $500,000 and up. SBA or B&I execution.

No Prepayment Penalty

Fixed rate 3, and 5 year fixed rate programs with no pre-payment penalty.  Office, industrial and multi-family.  No retail at this time. * Program not available in all markets

Loan Amounts from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000

The Capital Market Program
Program Description
CMBS Loans

The Capital Markets are very active.  Property types include retail, anchored and unanchored, office, assisted living, multi-family, flagged full service and limited service hotels.  We also do mobile home parks and self storage properties.  

MInimum Loan Size is now as low as  $1,500,000 but can be less on a selective basis.  Mezz debt is selectively available.