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About Us

Who We Are

The Bond Street Capital Companies is different from the typical commercial real estate finance company.  We are a full service real estate investment banking company originating both debt and equity capital.  We have provided capital acquisition solutions for clients for over thirty  years.

Getting to Bond Street

The Bond Street story begins in 1988 when the company was known as Western Realty Investors. Joseph Forman formed the company as a real estate acquisition and investment advisory firm. Prior to striking out on his own, Forman was the President of CSL Realty Advisors; a real estate acquisition and development division of a major Los Angeles based financial institution.

In the early 1990's, the focus of the company began originating loans as a mortgage banking correspondent/broker. The company represented a number of life company and other institutional investors through the difficult years of the real estate recession following of the early 1990's.

In 1997, Forman formed a sister company, Rainmaker Financial Affiliates. (RFA) RFA was a marketing firm sourcing business for over thirty institutional clients from a proprietary broker network of over 1500 commercial mortgage originators. At the same time, Western Realty changed its name to The RainMaker Financial Companies.

In 2002, Forman established the Bond Street Capital Corp in partnership with Barry Reiner. Mr. Reiner was the former Managing Director of Capital Markets for Commercial Real Estate Finance for First Union Securities.

The focus of Bond Street was to originate loans as a lender. Between 2002 and 2007, Bond Street originated nearly a billion dollars of commercial and multi-family property loans as a lender and correspondent. These loans were sold to over dozen institutional and private investors.

In 2007, with the untimely passing of Mr. Reiner and the changes in the market, the company determined that it made sense to stop maintaining three operating companies. In early 2008, The RainMaker Financial Companies changed its name to The Bond Street Capital Companies. All loan origination activities of the three companies are now executed through The Bond Street Capital Companies.

Why Bond Street? It's the Creative Advantage!

Many lenders only offer one or two loan programs with limited options. Borrowers often do not get the best financing solution or are constrained with terms that are inadequate because the lender is inflexible. Getting the "right" loan requires a lender with multiple program options and the willingness to be creative in its approach. With multiple alternatives available, Bond Street can customize each loan to meet the specific needs of the Borrower.

We often find that the needs of the borrower may change during the loan process and the initial loan program selected is no longer the best loan for a particular borrower's needs. Bond Street often seamlessly moves loans between programs without any additional costs to the Borrower or loss of time. An additional Bond Street advantage.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a borrower looking for that loan with the best terms or an investor looking for the best way to deploy capital, The Bond Street Capital Companies has the right solution!